Lavender Bags

Lavender bags

Lavender Bags

This mini collection of lavender bags has been created to group the prettiest lavender bag patterns in one place. Hugely popular, place them amongst clothes or linen to scent them… these lavender sachets are lovely gifts to make and are pretty decorative items for your house or wedding favours!

Larger lavender scented bags can also be hung on a door knob to release its aroma in a room – and may also result in improved sleep quality!

Lavender bags can have various shapes, from traditional bags with a ribbon at the top, mini square cushions filled with dried lavender, lavender hearts, triangular handmade lavender bags or even lavender bird shaped sachets.

Nearer Christmas, the popularity of lavender bags increases as people create pretty and unique garlands.

If you are looking for lavender for bags, click here and if you are looking for information on how to make lavender bags, click here and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to browse our fabric section, you could make a Cath Kidston lavender bag, a Cath Kidston lavender sachet or a Cath Kidston lavender heart style!

Price: £10.00  Cath Kidston Hearts

Price: £7.50  Hand printed lavender bags

Price: £8.00  John Lewis lavender heart

Price: £9.00  Knitted Stripy lavender bag

Price: £10.00  Lavender hearts

Price: £7.50  Lavender scented heart

Price: £6.00  Organic Lavender Bag Pack

Price: £9.00  Silk Diamond lavender bag

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