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Pins & Ribbons: new website

Pins and Ribbons have recently undertaken a revamp of their website so now is the time to rediscover their range of handmade door stops, cushions and other high quality home accessories.

You will find their range of fabric and decorative door stops within the living room section amongst other products such as lamp shades, wool & tartan throws, draught excluders and bean bags.

Unfortunately for animal lovers, there aren’t any animal door stops but our animal section includes an extensive range of doorstops in various animal shapes such as chicken, cat, duck, meerkat, elephant, owl, dog doorstops and much more!

Pins and Ribbons have 4 categories of door stops to pick up from: square doorstops, round doorstops, Kensington doorstops and pyramid doorstops.

We have selected our favourite doorstop from each of these categories but the website claims that there are nearly over 70 design options so even if you can’t see a product you like below, there is little doubt that you will find the right doorstop on for your home, matching or not matching some of your existing interior accessories.

Price: £14.99  Pins & Ribbons Pyramid doorstop

Price: £28.00  Pins & Ribbons Round Doorstops

Price: £28.00  Pins & Ribbons kensington Doorstops

Price: £28.00  Pins & Ribbons Square Doorstops

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