How to choose a fabric door stop?

Choose a fabric door stop

How to choose a fabric door stop?

Fabric door stops are decorative items that contribute to the overall design of a room so it is important to take into consideration the following prior to purchasing your doorstop. It can be very tempting to buy any door stop but here are some suggestions to pick up the right door stop and add character to the room:

1/ The door stop fabric colour should suit the colour theme of the room

2/ Check that the shape of the door stop can integrate with the rest of the furniture: round door stop, triangle door stop, animal door stop, funky door stop

3/ Door stops can be various weights so make sure that the door stop is heavy enough to keep the door open

4/ Finally we wouldn’t want the door stop to become a cumbersome door stop so we recommend checking the size!

Our website contains dozens of fabric door stops so we hope that you will find your perfect door stop but please let us know if you need help choosing the right door stopper for your home.

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