Fashionable fabric for your doorstops

Fabric for doorstops

Fashionable fabric for your doorstops

If you want your fabric door stops to make a great impression on your friends then why not use the latest fashionable prints!

Cath Kidston are currently offering free delivery on orders above £75 so now is a good time to review their range of fabric, particularly their cotton duck fabric prints.

Don’t forget to first check that the fabric is available within their Sale section: the Apple Cotton Duck, the Cherry Cotton Duck, the Mono Rose Cotton Duck and the Paisley Cotton duck fabrics only cost £12 per meter.

Also available on their website are their newest products and their best sellers by category: accessories, bags, clothing, home, kids.

Here are our favourite fabrics for sale that you could use to create gorgeous door stops:

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Price: £18

Price: £18

Price: £12

Price: £18

Price: £18

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