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Prince of Wales Check Dog Door Stop

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If you are looking for a high quality doorstop that makes a positive impact to people and/or the planet, we recommend using

The website only sells products from leading ethical brands as well as supporting products from independent traders and producers, including products sourced from fair trade suppliers in over 40 countries.
Products or brands displayed on must have established ethical credentials in at least one of the following areas: fair trade, Organic, Eco Friendly, Health and Wellness promotion, Education and awareness building.

The site is currently offering 40% discount on the Prince of Wales Check Dog Door Stop from ‘Natural Collection’:

 Prince of Wales Check Dog Door Stop Prince of Wales Check Dog Door Stop £11.95

A little bit about the Natural Collection brand

Natural Collection has been supporting sustainable production, ethical innovation and green ideas since 1999. Their range is an ecologically considered collection, which highlights the importance of consumer choice in the belief that we all have huge power and responsibility to change the world according to what we choose to purchase.
The Natural Collection range is produced in harmony with the natural world, harnessing nature’s benefits without exploiting her resources. They believe in responsible manufacture, from the gathering of environmentally friendly organic and recycled materials, right through to considerations of later recyclability and biodegradability.

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