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Looking for Dora Designs doorstops? The John Lewis range of door stops and draught excluders includes the most popular Dora Designs doorstops:

Dora Designs Bosley cat doorstop Dora Designs Bosley Cat Doorstop
Dora Designs bulldog doorstop Dora Designs Bulldog Doorstop
Dora Designs Meerkat Doorstop Dora Designs Meerkat Doorstop
Dora Designs Poddle Doorstop Dora Designs Poddle Doorstop

Dora Designs Limited are at the forefront of designs of home accessories and gifts mainly based on animal characters such their highly sought after Dora Mouse (Highly Recommended in the “Collect It” category for Gift of the year 2009). The unique, different and original collection of doorstops made from high quality fabric are all the creation of Angela Stevens. Visit their website at to browse their new products.

John Lewis also sell their own animal doorstops such as the Black and White Cat, the Fat Cat (as shown within the illustration above) and the Scottie doorstops. To buy any of the above products, please visit the following department of the John lewis website: Door Stops and Draught Excluders

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