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Our Door Stops come in a wide range of shapes (square, round, triangular), fabrics (spotty, tartan, stripy) and sizes suitable for any room or person.

Fabric Door Stops are all handmade to the highest quality. We take extra care from the selection of fabric right until the delivery on your doorstep.

Our Door Stops are individually handmade by ourselves making this a unique gift.

Whatever you are looking for, FabricDoorStops offers something unique.  Our Fabric Door Stops can not be found anywhere else making this a great gift for all the family and friends.

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How to make a fabric door stop?

To make a fabric door stop, you need to find a pattern. The easiest and the most popular pattern is the square door stop with a handle at the top but door stops can be any shape or colour and can be of different sizes. The 2 most important elements to consider when making a door stops are the fabric, which should be canvas or heavy cotton (if you choose a lighter woven fabric, you must back it with interfacing), and the filling, which usually constitutes of sand and padding.

Fabric door stops pattern:

Patterns for square or pyramid door stops can easily be found online. Blog owners usually list the materials required such as paper, sewing machine, hand sewing needle etc.  They also explain step by step illustrated with some pictures the creation of their handmade door stops. We also recommend using community sites and forums.

Fabric door stop UK:

Our door stops are all handmade in the UK by passionate people. We take extra care when creating our door stops to provide you with high quality products.

Fabric door stops made in cotton:

the fabric used for our doorstops and the lining is mainly cotton but we also used silk fabric for some of our models. Please visit our shop to discover our range of fabric door stops.

Fabric Door Stops

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